Angels & Demons: Hotter than HELL!

This is a new set by Marty & Boo cards.  It will have some of the hottest Angels and devilish Demons around!  Cards are now on the way back from the artists!  Sets will go on sale March 1st (Shipping in April) and will be $17.50 per pack.  Each set will include base cards, a 3D Lenticular card and a 1/1 hand drawn sketch card.  Some sets will include puzzle cards.  Also as an added bonus, any extra cards will be stuffed inside packs.

This is going to be boutique set, each artist is going to draw just 7 cards insuring the buyers will receive the highest quality cards!

Artist List (subject to change):

Mel Uran, Boo, Nathan Ohlendorf, George Webber, Vanessa "Banky" Farano, Scott Barnett, Cassandra James, Shane McCormick, Veronica O'Connell, Trev Murphy, Dreek Owen, Lynne Anderson, Juan Rosales, Gary Kezele, James "Bukshot" Bukauskas, Dan Gorman, Mike Vasquez, Tim Proctor, Scott Zambelli, Pablo Diaz, Bianca Thompson, Johnny Segura, Ashleigh Popplewell, Joe Gravel, JD Seeber, Solly Mohamed, Stephanie Rosales, Luke Smarto, Anthony Hochrein, Gavin Hunt, Nestor Celario, Mark Martino, Elisa Chong, Thomas Arensberg, J Fer Galicia, Francois Chartier, Walter Rice and Boo's Mum! 

Stay tuned for more info!!

Angels & Demons