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Artist List

Artist McArtface
Andrew Doenitz
Laecio de Oliveira
Chris Chamberlain
Sat Phoun
Shane McCormack
Jiron Los Manglares
Alxie Virgo Hizon
Michael Pabilona Ofiaza
Erick Basio
Jack Arts
Dan Walls
Dan Toase
Jane Rushton
Paul Cowan MacEaghoin
Scott Fellowes
Wayne Tully Art
Aaron Laurich
Aidan Baker
Carlos Azevedo
Charles Hall
Chris Schwink
Chuck Zsolnai
Clinton Yeager
Dan Lawler
Dan Gorman
David Sorensen
Dianne "Green Woman" Wickes
Drew Lopez
Eric Stiner
George Webber
Jake Whybrew
Jason Montoya
Jenny Stacey
Jenni Gregory
Jesse Lundberg
Jeriah Kiefer
Joe Zalo
Juan Rosales
Ghoulie Julie
Julia McKenzie
Kelly Greider
Kenneth Cocoran
Kimberly Dunaway
Laura Ingils
Logan Justice Stecher
Marc Mercado
Mark Martino
Mark Nasso
Matt Slusher
Matthew Zeigler
Michael Diaz
Mikey Combs
Nate Kennett
Patrick Davis
Patrick Scott Autry
Robert Decker
Rasta Randy
Rickey Kipfer
Ron Bell
Rusty Gilligan
Ryan Harris
Ryan Olsen
Ryan Sheffler
Ryan Thompson
Shawn Corcoran
Travis Perkins
Victoria Price
Will Green


Charity List:
Madi's Kindness Projects:
Madi's Kindness Projects is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2022, inspired by Madi, who is currently 10 years old. Our mission is to make the world a better place through acts of kindness to those in need. We help both animals and humans. We raise money together through various fundraisers, such as art sales, koozies sales, kid games and more. We use this money to fund our community projects. Projects include purchasing food to fill blessing boxes that help those in need. Also, helping the food pantry when they are running low on supplies. One of our favorite things is to help the animals in our community, by purchasing food, treats, toys and supplies that they need. If we work together we really can make the world a better place!  https://www.facebook.com/MadisKindnessProjects  

Fetching Tails Foundation:
Fetching Tails Foundation is a community-minded animal rescue based in Itasca, Illinois. Driven by our commitment to h umane practices, we work to take vulnerable pets out of shelters and place them in homes that are warm, compassionate, and caring.  https://www.fetchingtailsfoundation.org/
Marked Tree Animal Rescue:
We care, feed, vet, and socialize animals to find homes. We partner with other animal rescues. Marked Tree has had a very tough year.  They had a fire and have had storm damage.  https://www.facebook.com/MarkedTreeAnimalRescue

Others TBA


Island Dreams Nightmares single packs.  Each pack will have at least 3 sketch cards. Shipping in October.Price $24.95/ea


Island Dreams Nightmares 10 packs.  Each pack will have at least 3 sketch cards. Shipping in October.Price $240/ea


Island Dreams Nightmares 50 packs.  Each pack will have at least 3 sketch cards. Shipping in October.Price $1150/ea