Look at the cards past artists have done, join our FaceBook group   Island Dreams Sketchcards .  If there is something you want for your home, contact the artist.  For many of our artists this is their only source of income, If you have something in mind contact them for a commission! Many have prints (larger sizes), help support them as they have supported us over the years!

Want to see some samples from 2019, 2018,2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 or 2011.

Want to see some samples of this years cards?  Coming Soon!  

A bit of history on Island Dreams:
Island Dreams Sketchcards
In 1999, WLRA and Advocate Hope Children's Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois partnered together in order to raise money for the hospital's Family Assistance Fund. The Fund provides practical assistance to patient families who, through no fault of their own, are suffering severe hardship due to an unexpected illness and either social or economic deprivation. More specifically, the funds go towards paying for such things as critical prescriptions for children, overnight lodging, clothing, and groceries when these items are sorely needed.

To raise money, WLRA created the bi-annual event, "To Kill a DJ," which sees DJs in the program manning a 6 hour non-stop broadcast, with some students going even longer. In the spring, the college of nursing holds a fundraising event called "Change for Children," which also raises money for the Family Assistance Fund.

I think it's time to update this!! Island Dreams in now in it's 10th year. We have raised over $50,000 for our charities. All with the help our our great artists. We have come a long way from the 1st set with 100 packs. Over the years I have see some great artwork, made some good friends.
So once again we are going to do another set! As you know we set a pack limit, and all cards are stuffed into those packs, all packs have at least 2 hand drawn one of a kind sketch cards, but thanks to our great artists we have been able to stuff 3-4 cards into packs.

I also have to thank the buyers (you all know who you are). If it wasn't for you Island Dreams would have ended a long time ago.

So here is to another year of kick-ass artwork, and hoping to be doing this for another 10 years.


  Artist List


Welcome to Island Dreams 2021
After being locked up for a year, we need a vacation!
This year we are back to Island Dreams cards!  I'm hoping to have 100 or so artists doing cards, regular size sketch cards and as an added bonus 5X7 inch cards!
Packs will go on sale here Oct. 1st.
Keep checking back to see what cards have come in!

Charity List

1. New Orleans Musician's Clinic - a non-profit organization that provides needed health services to musicians in the Greater New Orleans area, who are otherwise unable to access these services on their own. Click   HERE   for more information.

2. Angelman's Syndrome Foundation - a non-profit organization supporting research for the cure for this disease. Click   HERE   for more information.
3. Mike Rowe Works Foundation - The   Work Ethic Scholarship Program   is about recognizing people who understand the importance of work ethic, personal responsibility, delayed gratification, and a positive attitude. These are hardworking men and women who will keep the lights on, water running, and air flowing. These are people who show up early, stay late, and bust their asses day in and out. These are the people we want to reward.

Island Dreams 2021