Island Dreams Sketchcards

Veronica O’Connell

Trev Murphy

Nathan Ohlendorf

Nestor Celario Jr.

Dianne “Greenwoman”


Jason Roussel

Laura Inglis

Danielle Soloud

Marco Carrillo

Elfie Lebouleux

Lak Lim

Bianca Thompson

Scott Zambelli

Brian Germain

Jason Keith Phillips


This is a sample of the sketchcards that will be in the Island Dreams set.  As they come in from the artists I'll post one or two of them.  So make sure you keep checking back for new cards!!


Pablo Diaz

Rusty Gilligan

Scott Barnett

Phil Weadick

Vicki & Alan Zinn

Stephen Lynch

Anthony Hochrein

Dan Gorman

Rich Molinelli

The artists that are working on this set have spent a lot of time to provide you with great "Tropical Dreams" artwork.  Please take the time to visit their websites and see some of the other artwork they have done.

Ashleigh Popplewell



Ted Woods

Katherine Miller

Jon Hughes

Tony Miello

Amy Clark

Sara Richard

Byron Wilkins

Vo Nguyen

William Kunkle