For the past decade WLRA Radio/Lewis University (Romeoville, IL) holds a bi-annual fundraiser to benefit Advocate Hope Children's Charities. So far Lewis U has raised over $100,000 for the charity. Twice a year WLRA has a "To kill a DJ" week where students raise money for the charity.
We are Big Burrito Radio (heard on WLRA Saturday mornings at 10AM CST), wanted to come up with different ways of raising money for the charity. We started out doing collections at music events. Then 4 years ago we came up with Island Dreams ( Island Dreams is a charity art card set that itself has raised over $10,000 in the past 3 years.
Last year I caught the crypto-currency bug. I thought what a great idea to take crypto and exchange it for BTC for the Children's Hospital! So here we have Crypto for kids!
So please check your wallets and send coins to the kids! A list of our wallet addresses are below. At first we has all kinds of ALTcoins, we're going to limit it to the big 3 and I couple I mine, but if you have another that should be added send me a PM on (user madmartyk)
Also, Big Burrito Radio ( can be heard at
Saturday morning from 10AM - Noon. Let's show the school and the children's hospital what big hearts the crypto community has!!

Welcome to Crypto For Kids
Raised 2 BTC.


Wallet Addresses:
BitCoin - 1Gnc4jsP1aBUQbbeSJDh75C8NKq8wk8qnD
LiteCoin - LaMsv9cA5dviNZ1g6DjjrHYwVE7zzH6nu7
DOGE - DJo7JC1k43gQLx2tFewFhFuTgMxSHXGA85
DAO - 0xedc15a0214b2d854d84a737c3829ca3ca5accfdf
ETH - 0x2845b8c48a769627e939ce9207a9a0a94856083d
CLAMS - xKS6wdhH7dsAjaozWNNz5zbZ6G8wztfqNu
LISK - 4787054794699126783L


A special thanks to the cyrpto community!!